Physical training

It seemed to work well, the typical voice balls, a Swiss ball, that agreed ball that goes around in gyms, the swing board, anything that could move and gadgets like machines.

They came out a bit like a DTT thing. I even think Pilates came out. You’ve got to see that. He talked a little bit out of the box. I think it comes from those rehabs.

We go a little bit further. We can’t get in shape, no tan, which is basically to improve the function of the chorus and the lower back.

And they said, well, if we go a little bit further and complete it, we can pull out another new fad and sell that, that fad that we’re not criticizing Pilates for calling it, I mean, it came out of everything, and being able to package it, sell what we’re doing almost all of that
Training on unstable surfaces can be useful to improve body awareness, proprioception, balance, trunk function and stability, especially in motor control.

So you know where you are and where you’re going to stay or whatever. Even if the surface has a tablet, that’s what they work for, and that’s why they improve injuries. Because even if there is some imbalance in normal life, the body learns to balance itself and not break or collapse.

Fortunately for hundreds of us who enjoy the exercise compositions that fail, the exercises that go wrong that are on YouTube, because I love watching people get beat up. When they start working out, that kind of workout disappears.

When it got into commercial theaters and people started getting angry about the phones, it became more and more unpopular. Mother my, this is the one that is seen trying to keep balance doing a squat with a lot of pieces on a joy that goes beyond I don’t know what we do, a very big bullshit I’m the first to criticize it, mainly because they are not used in the right way, which tells you that we are doing a thing that is not the inevitable instability.
Training in instability, in something that is supposed to move that is not stable, is for what it is for, not to improve your maximum squats. Not the man on the bench or anything like that.
No, it’s not going to get better. You’re a bench man because you sit in the front of the bench, a fucking peseta to count a ball. No, it wasn’t invented for that. I already told you that it improves our own body awareness.
Where are you? In space and in the way I deal with things. That’s the real meaning. I’m not wrong to say it that way before. The balance, the stability. That’s what will make you later, when it’s acceptable to you, improve the rest. Why? Yes, because it works, yes, but not the other way.

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