Advantages of paragliding

You are still not sure whether to fly or not, or you want to try the experience but you don’t dare? Here are the main advantages of paragliding and you can do it with Tenerife Top Paragliding.
A paraglider is an airplane made only of fabric and ropes. It has no solid composition except the harness. It takes off and lands with its feet and weighs about 20 kilograms.
The paraglider emerged in the late 1970s as a variant of the parachute for descending steep mountains. In the beginning, it was mainly used by mountaineers who were looking for a simple and easy way to unload from the peaks they had reached.
Paragliding is considered an extreme sport. It is the closest thing to the flight of a bird, as it is ultra-light and flexible, and uses only the wind for propulsion, without the need for an engine or fuel.
Paragliding today
Nowadays paragliders are still built in such a way that they do not need steep slopes to launch. A slope facing into the wind is sufficient, and its speed or strength should be between 10 and 25 km/h.
A variant added later is an engine attached to the pilot’s back, which allows launching from a flat place. This new sport is called paramotoring.
The main advantages of paramotoring
Any kind of outdoor activity is productive because contact with nature is good for your immune system. Besides breathing fresh air, receiving the sun’s rays also helps build strong bones.
Adrenaline is present in any activity. The fact that the human body responds to adrenaline leads to excitement and energy increase. In this way, you will feel more energetic.
The posture with which you perform paragliding requires the work of your body center: torso, pelvis and adductors are always doing work.
The thrill of controlling the glider makes you forget all the worries and distractions of everyday life. Moreover, our adrenaline rush during sports leaves no room to think about the downsides.
It boosts self-confidence, and the psychological benefits of overcoming a challenge like flying many meters above the ground are immense. The feeling of having achieved your goals gives you additional self-confidence for your everyday life.

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